One Wish

“Look, I don’t know what to tell you,” the genie sighed, “All those people got one wish from me. You know how your kind are. One guy says I granted one wish. The next guy decides he got two out of me. Suddenly, I’m supposed to be throwing out bundles of wishes like they are on sale.”

The Moss and the Crabapple

The moss was soft beneath her. She felt it pressing into the backs of her legs, holding her arms, cradling her back. The soft, sponginess provided comfort and the firmness reminded her she was real. She had her arms flung wide across the forest floor, legs stretched out, bare feet tilted outward. She imagined tree roots slowly working out of the ground, wrapping around her limbs and sinking her just below the moss, allowing her to be wholly swallowed up, finally free from the problems that had led her here.

Game Night

Patrick yelled across the small coffee table trying desperately to communicate the logic which only he seemed to piece together in his head.

“Stop, Nat! He was lying. When he said he had no choice to pass that law, he was lying.” Patrick took an exasperated breath before continuing

A Lovely Fire

“When you walk through the forest,” he whispered, eyes glinting, “Can you hear them? Can you hear the trees?”

I looked back at him unsure of what to make of his intensity.

“The secrets they whisper. You have to listen really close. You have to open your mind and just let them,” he leaned back with his eyes closed, inhaling deeply, “I don’t know. Just let them in I guess.” He let out his breath and smiled serenely. I liked how he smiled. His smile seemed to hold its own secrets and made me wonder what kind of things he wanted to whisper to me in the trees.