The Inexplicable Phenomena of the Stars #3

They sat in Rosa’s room and drank together. Alistair excused themselves fairly quickly. Then Reginald, then Francine. Barcy and Abilene stuck around. Barcy had another bottle of wine for each of them, and by 10 o’clock they were all pretty tipsy. Barcy laid on the floor with her head in Rosa’s lap while Rosa stroked her hair. It was nice to not have to think about leaving. She could get used to this.

The Moss and the Crabapple

The moss was soft beneath her. She felt it pressing into the backs of her legs, holding her arms, cradling her back. The soft, sponginess provided comfort and the firmness reminded her she was real. She had her arms flung wide across the forest floor, legs stretched out, bare feet tilted outward. She imagined tree roots slowly working out of the ground, wrapping around her limbs and sinking her just below the moss, allowing her to be wholly swallowed up, finally free from the problems that had led her here.

The Drawling Pumpkin and Scruffs McGee

The pumpkin sat on the floor. Orange, of course, but the pumpkin hated being a conformist. It was surrounded by plastic leaves, artfully scattered to look like they had just fallen from an oak tree but devoid of the flaws and bugs that nature carries. Next to the pumpkin was a miniature bale of hay with an equally miniature scarecrow sitting on top. The pumpkin knew for a fact that the scarecrow had never, and would never, actually scare a crow but the pumpkin wasn’t about to be an asshole and tell him that.