Have you ever thought about how truly frail an airplane is? Those millimeters of metal somehow protect all these flying humans, including that one guy who kicks off his shoes because he’s way too comfortable on an airplane, from the constant threat of explosion and suffocation.

No, Alice does not like airplanes.

Firelight #1

Firelight (working title) is a novel-length story set in a village-based society that has moved on from myths, creatures, and magic, but hasn’t quite become modern or industrialized, almost frozen in time. Even though most adults in this world consider them to be myths, there are stealthy, shape-shifting creatures that exist called “shifs,” who prey on children throughout their childhoods until they finally feast on them in adulthood. The story revolves around Blake, and this is an excerpt from early on in the story where Blake is about 17 years old.

The Society #1

The Society (working title) is a novel-length urban fantasy story taking place in a near-future America where some humans are born with latent powers to manipulate the elements. The main character is Jesse Sullivan who is almost 22 years old when a tragic event reveals his powers that must be hidden before he is discovered. This excerpt is taken from very early in the story.