The Society #3

Loud and even bass notes punched Jesse’s bones, invigorating them rather than adding to their weariness. Just walking into the North Gate bar district allowed him to enjoy a new frame of mind. One that wasn’t focused on eating a dozen eggs or moving a feather across a room. Now Jesse got to participate in a youth tradition that stretched back centuries among various cultures.

One Wish

“Look, I don’t know what to tell you,” the genie sighed, “All those people got one wish from me. You know how your kind are. One guy says I granted one wish. The next guy decides he got two out of me. Suddenly, I’m supposed to be throwing out bundles of wishes like they are on sale.”

The Beach

The sky was an eerie slate grey, but she could still feel the warmth of sunlight as it reflected off her skin. Heather glanced around the beach which stretched for miles in both directions, completely empty except for the rhythmic waves slipping over the sand. She glanced over her shoulder and saw a lounge chair that had not been there before. She smiled and quickly eased herself into its woven comfort.

The Society #2

The Society (working title) is a novel-length urban fantasy story taking place in a near-future America where some humans are born with latent powers to manipulate the elements. The main character is Jesse Sullivan who is almost 22 years old when a tragic event reveals his powers that must be hidden before he is discovered. You can find the first post from this story here. This excerpt is taken from early in the story.

Game Night

Patrick yelled across the small coffee table trying desperately to communicate the logic which only he seemed to piece together in his head.

“Stop, Nat! He was lying. When he said he had no choice to pass that law, he was lying.” Patrick took an exasperated breath before continuing

The Debt

The morning air bit at his exposed forearm before he hastily pulled his sleeve to cover it. The air had slipped through the barely opened back door, so before he went any further, he decided to double-check that he had everything he needed for the day’s scavenging. He zipped open the backpack and began pulling items from it.

Flashlight? Check. Gas Mask? Check. Empty jug? Check

Firelight #2

When I saw it, I was rooted to the ground in fear. The beast had torn its skin-toned facade away and stood before me. Gray leathery skin wrapped its bulging muscles. Dark hair peppered its body, concentrating most on its arms, chest, and back. It stood on powerful legs, which bent the opposite way of my own. Its naked body bore no genitalia or break of any kind. Just a single unbroken layer of skin and hair until its face.