The Inexplicable Phenomena of the Stars #3

This is a scene from “The Inexplicable Phenomena of the Stars”, a story about a magical planetarium. I wrote this scene on a day when I couldn’t think of what to write. It was very fun and one of the most NSFW things I’ve written. I don’t know if it will stay but I learned a lot about the characters. This story was written during NaNoWriMo 2019 and features magic, intergalactic conflict, and found families. You can find the first excerpt from this story here and the second here.

They sat in Rosa’s room and drank together. Alistair excused themselves fairly quickly. Then Reginald, then Francine. Barcy and Abilene stuck around. Barcy had another bottle of wine for each of them, and by 10 o’clock they were all pretty tipsy. 

Barcy laid on the floor with her head in Rosa’s lap while Rosa stroked her hair. It was nice to not have to think about leaving. She could get used to this. 

“Okay, okay, okay so. I’d fuck Evans, marry Hemsworth, and kill Pratt,” Abilene said unprompted. 

Barcy sat up. Apparently this required more serious thought than she was capable of lying down. 

“That’s fair. But I think I’d fuck Hemsworth, marry Evans, kill pratt. Right?” Barcy answered and looked at Rosa. 

“I’d literally never thought about it. Hold on. Okay, because like, you get to fuck them too if you’re married, right?” Consensus. “So I agree that Hemsworth would be more marriageable.” 

“Not a word,” Barcy giggled. 

“It is now. So you can fuck him while you’re married. But I think I’d fuck Pratt! Kill Evans. Evans seems too serious.” Rosa answered. “Yes. That’s my final answer. Fuck Pratt, Marry Hemsworth, kill Evans.”

“Hold on! Evans doesn’t seem serious! Captain America is. Which is another topic entirely: Fuck, marry, kill: Captain America, Starlord, Thor.” Abilene asked. 

“I don’t know if that changes my answer either way! God of thunder. Marry him, of course. Fuck Starlord, Kill Cap.” Rosa took a long drink of wine. 

“So you like power, huh,” Barcy leaned into Rosa and whispered in her ear, “I can be powerful.” Then kissed her neck. 

“For god’s sake! I’ll leave. Jesus,” Abilene said, throwing a pillow at them. 

“No, sorry!” Barcy laughed and Rosa did too. Though the kiss had sent chills down her spine and the only thing she wanted to do was kick Abilene out and throw Barcy into her bed. 

“I’m marrying Cap. That boy is stable. Fucking Thor, killing Starlord,” Barcy said. 

“You just really don’t like Chris Pratt do you?” Rosa asked, laughing. 

“Not at all,” Barcy answered. “Anyway, boo the men of marvel. This is better: Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Peggy Carter.” Rosa and Abilene both groaned. 

“Impossible. Literally impossible. Marry all three,” Abilene replied. 

“Agreed. How the fuck can I kill any one of them?” Rosa answered. 

“Come on. You need to answer. That’s the game,” Barcy smiled smugly. 

“Do you have your answer then?” Rosa questioned. 

“Mhm,” Barcy answered. 

Abilene went first, “Alright. Marry Captain Marvel. There’s so many perks. Fuck Peggy, I guess? And kill Black Widow. She probably wants to die anyway.”

“That makes sense but I’m going to disagree. Marry Black Widow. She deserves some happiness once in her life. Fuck Captain Marvel. And, I can’t believe I’m saying these words, kill Peggy Carter,” Rosa answered. “Barce?” 

“Marry Peggy. Again, girl is stable as hell but badass to match. Fuck Black Widow. Kill Captain Marvel. She’s too powerful for her own good. This is about saving the planet.”

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” Abilene said in a low voice to the delight of the other two. They could not stop giggling. 

“The Valkyrie! What about the Valkyrie though!! Have you seen them?” Barcy exclaimed, tipping over backward for emphasis.

“Ugh, honestly. I’d want them to kill me,” Abilene stated. They settled down and fell into silence. 

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