The Society #2

The Society (working title) is a novel-length urban fantasy story taking place in a near-future America where some humans are born with latent powers to manipulate the elements. The main character is Jesse Sullivan who is almost 22 years old when a tragic event reveals his powers that must be hidden before he is discovered. You can find the first post from this story here. This excerpt is taken from early in the story.

Jesse caught a few flashes of lightning arcing high in the clouds, a small roll of thunder rocking between them. There was no rain in the air yet, but Jesse picked up his pace regardless.

Tonight was just another reminder that Jesse was not cut out for the high-stakes of building a social life from scratch. He had no idea how someone could walk into a new town and suddenly have friends and relationships and purpose. Jesse needed the infrastructures to help him gather the resources to build a life, just like he did in high school.

Do you need a best friend? Let me introduce you to Sam who will be your chemistry partner for the next six weeks.

Do you need a friend that always gives good advice? Why don’t you meet Tiffany the class president who just sat at your lunch table to get your vote and then kept coming back for the laughs?

How would you like a girlfriend? I think that tweaked arm during soccer practice will take you straight to the sports trainer’s office where Kyra is a member of the program and flirted with you before casually asking you out on a date and stuck with you for the next year and a half.

But now, living at home with no drive or feeling of purpose only exacerbated the isolation that Jesse was feeling, and he definitely did not want to give that to his friends who were out building their new lives. He tried to limit how much he shared with his parents for the same reason, but it was difficult to avoid it since they were always there and could see how his mood decayed once he moved back home.

Until Jesse could find a way to build himself back up, all he could find inside of him were crumbling bricks that didn’t quite add up to anything identifiable. This is what Jesse was feeling as he finally peeled off the main road some fifty minutes after leaving the bar and finally walked up to the door. The lights were off inside and he quietly snuck through the living room towards his room, slipping his shoes off into his closet.

He immediately got his phone out and placed it down to charge. Jesse undressed and threw the clothes into a pile that he had built in the corner, knowing that he would have to put it all into his suitcase in the morning. He then threw on a pair of shorts and a hoodie that he normally never wore to sleep but would be required birthday sleeping attire. Meanwhile, the sad battery icon on his phone slowly went from a crimson frown to a smiling green battery as the phone rebooted with enough energy to do so.

When the screen lit up with the notifications he missed, he noticed two rare boxes making an appearance. A message and a missed video call.

Jesse snatched the phone and unlocked it. The missed call was from Tiffany, who always preferred to see a face when she spoke to anyone. The message was from Sam and all it said was:

12:01AM – Happy birthday bro! Can’t wait to celebrate soon!

Jesse smiled, a warmth growing in his chest as he set down his phone to charge again and threw his head down on his pillow. A flash of lightning cut across his window and after only a few seconds, its echoed thunder followed. The rain began to fall, heavy droplets smashing against the glass, unable to touch Jesse.

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