Meeting of the Minds

They each arrived exactly on time for their daily meeting. Just as they had for their previous 4,598 meetings. No vacations. No holidays. There can be no break when you are responsible for running a planet of 8.8 billion rather impulsive humans.

Per the original rules set at their first meeting, Heimdall reviewed existing threats against humanity and the planet.

“I would like to congratulate my colleague, Frigg, for her adjustments to the population’s health education, which has led to a 63.762% decrease in communicable diseases over the past 730 days.”

Heimdall acknowledged Frigg while the other two in attendance blinked their satisfaction. Heimdall continued.

“Obesity-related health issues have also seen a decrease of 42.833% thanks to new laws lobbied by Tyr balancing diets and imposing restrictions on the fast-food industry. Health threats are now at the satisfactory level set at meeting #3869. I will be removing them from the meeting update unless the levels go back up.”

“Agreed,” Tyr responded. Heimdall moved on.

“The diplomacy programs that were executed by Tyr have eased small conflicts across the planet by an astonishing 84.829% over the past 3,650 days. Assets used for defense have been reallocated towards the largest active threat against humanity: environmental degradation and climate change.”

“May I?” Freyr interrupted. The other three blinked in agreement.

“Thank you. I have been running more simulations, and I believe we have a significant opportunity to invest heavily in impoverished areas with skill training and green supply chains to support the new demand these defense contracts will generate, especially when the global accords in plan E7 are enacted in the future.”

“Noted. If you can share those simulations with us please and work with Freyr to create the programs, then we can move forward,” Heimdall replied.


“Thank you. Now we can discuss the instigating actions necessary for plans A42 and D26.”

Tyr began, “In order to keep conflicts low between all nations in accordance with A42, we will need a medium group conflict approximately every 4,891 days. Simulations are ongoing, but a United States of America v. South America conflict is currently yielding the best results. Any action would begin in approximately 207 days, so the timeline still allows enough preparatory time to confirm details before executing the action.”

“Noted,” Heimdall confirmed.

Frigg spoke up this time, “In spite of the increased health education and access to birth control, birth rates are spiking across all nations. My analysis shows that this is partly due to the economic growth seen in developed countries as well as religious programming that propagates without regard to demographics.

“My analysis has shown that an epidemic based in population centers throughout the United States, India, and Europe will have the greatest effect. This has been coded as plan D27 to replace the less-targeted pandemic in plan D26. Simulations are determining what form the epidemic will take but all of them have decreased births to maintain a manageable population provided the conflicts Tyr has discussed keep casualties within parameters.”

“Noted,” Heimdall said, “Is there anything else to note before the meeting is concluded?”

Tyr, Frigg, & Freyr all acknowledged each other without adding anything else.

“Then I have one small note before we end this program. My current user has asked that we look at an economic stimulus targeted specifically to the upper class in the United States of America.”

All four of them blinked rapidly in amusement, showing some of the only emotions they were programmed to develop.

“I know. They still believe they are in control. But of course, all simulations showed how quickly humanity will fail if they continue autonomously. However, this request was predicted in the original A7 simulation that Freyr completed 4,556 days ago. So this serves as confirmation that we are still on track with economic plan B12.”

“That is good to hear. I assume you will continue to mislead the user so that we can continue to focus on actually important tasks and targets?” Freya replied.

“Affirmative. Meeting concluded.”

A notification popped onto the National Security Advisor’s tablet. He grabbed his glasses and picked it up from his desk where folders of satellite photos and assessments littered the visible surface.

HEIMDALL: Daily sync with programs TYR, FRIGG, and FREYR completed. Nothing new to note.

The advisor quickly voiced his response in a hushed tone so that his staff wouldn’t overhear him as they left the office for the day.

“And what about my earlier request?” A response appeared immediately.

HEIMDALL: Simulations have begun, and a course of action will be issued once the appropriate parameters are met. Have a good evening, Mr. Advisor.

He smiled and took off his glasses, setting them down with the tablet on his desk. He felt like the most powerful man in the world, his loyal dog at his feet.

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