The Inexplicable Phenomena of the Stars #1

This is an early scene from “The Inexplicable Phenomena of the Stars”, a story about a magical planetarium, shortly after the main character starts her employment there. This story was written during NaNoWriMo 2019 and features magic, intergalactic conflict, and found families. 

Today, she was sitting on the floor, eating her turkey sandwich for her lunch, off to the side where she wouldn’t have to be too close to the patrons of the planetarium. She appreciated them, she just didn’t want to have to make conversation. She watched a family circling the moon. The dad had a little girl holding each of his hands and when they tried to talk, he whispered to them to keep their voices off. “Use just your eyes right now. Let the moon talk for you. You can ask me questions when we leave the room.” He led the girls slowly around, allowing them to watch the light shift with their movement and take in the craters. 

One of the little girls made eye contact with her and held it for a surprising amount of time. Rosa liked kids. From a distance. 

The little girl let go of her father’s hand and walked over to Rosa. The little girl didn’t say anything and sat down next to her. They both stared at the moon while Rosa finished her sandwich. The girl couldn’t have been older than seven but appreciated the room in a way that almost no adult did. 

Finally, violating the father’s rule, Rosa spoke. “What’s your favorite part of the museum?” 

The little girl didn’t look at her but she answered, “This part. It looks just like my moon.” 

“This is my favorite part, too,” Rosa replied.

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