Have you ever thought about how truly frail an airplane is? Those millimeters of metal somehow protect all these flying humans, including that one guy who kicks off his shoes because he’s way too comfortable on an airplane, from the constant threat of explosion and suffocation.

No, Alice does not like airplanes. She has flown twice in her life, the first time as a young teenager for a family trip to Florida. During that flight, her parents deduced that she might have flying anxiety as a federal air marshal explained that they would have to land the plane if she didn’t stop screaming in the bathroom. Before the flight returning home, Alice’s mother obtained what Alice could only believe to be a small horse tranquilizer, and in moments she was back in her bed in upstate New York.

But Alice is nearing thirty now, and she is determined to see the Pacific Ocean. You might even consider it a life goal. Although technically her bucket list says to see all four oceans, Alice is not quite ready for the inevitable flights toward the Arctic and Indian oceans. So San Francisco is the target, and 3,000 miles or 38 hours in a car is all that separates Alice from expanding her world while her feet are firmly planted on the ground.

She throws her bag into the car, kisses her mother, and climbs behind the wheel.

Before putting the car in drive, she popped her shoes off and tossed them into the passenger seat. Fuck it, why shouldn’t she be comfortable in her own car?

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