Firelight #1

Firelight (working title) is a novel-length story set in a village-based society that has moved on from myths, creatures, and magic, but hasn’t quite become modern or industrialized, almost frozen in time. Even though most adults in this world consider them to be myths, there are stealthy, shape-shifting creatures that exist called “shifs,” who prey on children throughout their childhoods until they finally feast on them in adulthood. The story revolves around Blake, and this is an excerpt from early on in the story where Blake is about 17 years old.

I feel like I am being watched. 

For as long as I can remember, this feeling has existed, as if there is someone following me with significant interest. Every movement is carefully weighed with some sort of purpose and plan. I simply wish I knew what that plan was. There is one instinct that lies deeply buried inside my mind that says, whatever it is, it isn’t good.

Everyone else says it’s good. Everyone says that it’s God.

God has a plan for me.
God loves me.
God wants me to be happy.

I want to believe them. I want to keep that hope bubbling up throughout my day, sustaining and driving my life forward. Doesn’t everyone want that fantastic feeling of being loved, cared for, and created for a purpose?

So I held onto that feeling, and it grew into the joyful facade that everyone sees today. On the other side however, that hope is beaten and charred by the constant flames of something licking at its edges.

It is here, on the walls of my very soul. It feels like a mark. A staple of my existence. And the flames won’t ever die.

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